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Do you want to improve your English grammar, vocabulary and listening skill with free online practice tests? You've come to the right place! We have tests for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Start browsing through our 2000 practice questions and counting!





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Listening - Easy Test 6

Listening - Easy Test 7

Listening - Easy Test 8

Listening - Easy Test 9

Listening - Easy Test 10

Listening - Easy Test 11

Listening - Medium Test 3

Listening - Medium Test 4

Listening - Difficult Test 7

Listening - Difficult Test 8

Listening - Difficult Test 9

Listening - Difficult Test 10

Listening - Difficult Test 11

Listening - Difficult Test 12

Listening - Difficult Test 13

Listening - Difficult Test 14

Listening - Difficult Test 15

Listening - Difficult Test 16

Grammar - Comparison Test 3

Grammar - Comparison Test 4

Grammar - Comparison Test 5

Grammar - Comparison Test 6

Grammar - Comparison Test 7

Grammar - Comparison Test 8

Grammar - Comparison Test 9

Grammar - Comparison Test 10


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At Englishtest4you.com you'll be able to improve your English grammar and vocabulary significantly with our free English practice tests. Each test has 10 questions and we currently have nearly 250 tests with 2500 questions. Take the tests at englishtest4you.com frequently and you'll see great improvement in your English, because practice makes perfect.

Other than the main tests, we'd also like to give you another good way to practice English. Are you interested in learning English with quotations from popular US TV Shows? Check out EnglishTest4You.com's Tumblr page!